Basilisk wordUp Nine Lives


Basilisk is a game of skill where you try to land on the head of an opposing snake to 'kill it', or you can trap it so it cannot escape. Can be played by one or two players.

wordUp is a six letter version of Wordle. There is a daily challenge, which is usually an obscure word, or you can play as much as you like in the regular game where the words are frequently used common nouns.

I used the underlying grid of wordUp to create Nine Lives. You guess letters that might be in a grid which makes up a word square. The idea is to end up with exactly nine lives, where you gain a life for each correct letter and lose a life for each incorrect one.

Other Web Resources

In addition to an Oatridge Business Web Site, there is also an Oatridge Family Web Site.

There are several ski resources I have created, the most notable being Swiss Winter Sports.

I did a series of road trips around the USA, documented at Looking for America.

I have a random collection of pictures I have taken loaded up at Flickr.