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You go first! Choose a square adjacent to the green basilisk

Animated gameplay

Basilisk animated gameplay

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Play the novel game of Basilisk

Basilisk is a game of skill played between two opponents. The players are represented by two snakes, who battle each other in a unique game play.

And these are not ordinary snakes. They are the highly venomous basilisks, which reputedly live in caves below the Gerberbrunnen in Basel-Stadt, Switzerland.

In the free single player version of the game here, you are the Green Basilisk and are about to be attacked by the opposing Basilisk.

The game controls on the green bar are respectively a skill level toggle with three ascending skill levels, a language toggle, four direction buttons (represented by arrowheads), a help button, and a reset button - which starts a new game.

You can move one cell at a time by pressing the green arrow buttons, by using the arrow buttons on your keyboard, by clicking on an adjacent cell to the one of your snake head or by pressing on the edge of the board of the direction you wish to go.

If the adjacent cell has a grey, unused body section - as in snakes and ladders - the basilisk will slither along it to the next free cell (which you can also click on to move to).

For each move you make, the opposing basilisk will also make one move.

Only one basilisk will survive. If the head of one basilisk lands on the head of the other, it kills its opponent. If one basilisk has no further space to move in, it dies of suffocation.

Here are three snapshots of a typical game:

Basilisk example gameplay

Note that the second screenshot follows the first screenshot by one round of moves. The highlighted cells show valid moves (achieved by clicking on the respective basilisk heads). The final screenshot shows that the green basilisk has won, leaping through four cells to do so.

Further information is available about Basilisk at YouTube. More information is available in the helpfiles in English, French and German (more languages to follow and additional language support provided in the game).

There is also Basilisk on Facebook where you can join the Basilisk community to share your thoughts and get useful tips.

The game is designed to work on mobile devices, but is also also available at PC Resolution and Full-screen Resolution. There is also a version you can play locally without an internet connection - just save it to a local drive. And some variations if you fancy something different, one with one obstacle, one with three obstacles, and one with no border - just a bolthole.

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